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Growth Strategy

It's tempting to jump head first into facebook ads and other trending tactics. However, a whole lot of time and money can be saved with just a little foresight. Here we set our plan of attack for each stage in the funnel: awareness > acquisition > onboarding > retention.

If a strategy is already in place, I see what's working, what's not and where we should double down our efforts.

Messaging & Creative

If you confuse, you lose. What does your startup do? Why should prospects care? It needs to be simple and memorable.

I help tell your story by pinpointing your positioning and crafting clear messaging that's used across all assets. My design team bring this to life through stunning websites, social ads, emails, and other needed content.

Channel Marketing

Distribution, distribution, distribution. I find, build and optimize channels to introduce your product and acquire new customers. I work with both paid and non paid channels that include: Facebook, Linkedin, Email, SEM, SEO & Content Marketing.

I'm a big proponent of running experiments so that we dip our toes before fully jumping in - test, iterate and then scale.

Onboarding & Retention

A typical SaaS company loses between 2% and 3% of its customers every month. That means that these companies must grow between 27% and 43% every year if they want to keep the same revenue. Enough said.

I design frictionless onboarding experiences that allows your customers to achieve their first "aha moment" as quickly as possible. To have them coming back, I build engagement & churn-win back systems that are instrumental in driving retention.

A great strategy without execution is worthless

My preference has always been to take client engagements where I can roll-up my sleeves and implement the strategy I preach.

I pay attention to the minutia, ask probing questions and get into the nitty gritty: run experiment spreadsheets, study data, write copy, optimize ads - no task is too small.

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Founders' minds are always racing with growth goals.

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