Designing user onboarding & support programs to create a sticky adoption experience
About DealTap
DealTap is a SaaS based scale-up that solves the fragmented software process in completing real estate contracts. It provides Ontario Realtors an all-in-one electronic signature tool that allows them to fully digitize their paperwork from start to finish.

The Challenge

In anticipation of DealTap's new product release, my role was to develop customer success programs that ensured customers were actively using the product and ultimately renewing their subscription. Throughout discovery, three challenges were identified:

Users are currently using 3-4 tools to complete real estate contracts. Migration will be an uphill battle

Tech fluency is low as the average age of real estate agents is 55 years old

Target customer is top-producing real estate agents who have little time & patience to learn new technology

My strategy was to guide customers to achieve their desired outcome ('AHA' moment) in DealTap as quickly and easily as possible. To do this, I combined an intuitive self-serve user experience that was complimented with a high-touch program that helped troubled users get back on course.
1. Customer Goal

Huge leaps forward can be made by understanding not what user need to "do" but what they want to solve by using DealTap. Through extensive customer research, I identified a DealTap user's desired outcome to:

" I'd like to receive a fully e-signed document from my client."
2. User Journey Mapping

As the user moves step by step in the app experience, I designed an on-boarding process that identified & eliminated friction points so that they can reach their desired outcome or "Aha" moment.

Step 1

Identified steps customers would normally take to reach their goal

  • Select Client
  • Create Paperwork
  • Share to Client for Signing
Step 2

Mapped the customer steps to actions in DealTap

  • Create Client Folder
  • Select & Edit Contracts
  • Click 'Send'
Step 3

Deep empathy uncovered a key friction point that stopped users from continuing

"I currently don't have a active client!"
Step 4

With product's collaboration, I devised a solution that eliminated user hurdles

3. Health Score, Retention & Feedback

Health scores with triggered alerts guided success teams and automation tools to reach out to segmented customers with an appropriate response.

Customer Health Score
Power User


Customer survey

"We'd love to hear your feedback"

Customer Health Score
Take Notice


Onboarding emails

"Tips on sending documents to clients"

Customer Health Score
At Risk


Support Call

"We haven't seen you in a while..."

4. Support Centre

Given the time sensitivities with real estate offers, I developed comprehensive support channels to address questions from low to high levels of urgency.

Articles & Video
Online support centre with helpful & easy-to-find resources
Phone & Email Support
Support agents provided 9am-5pm EST weekday coverage
Webinar Training
Live walkthroughs on key areas of the application
5. Analytics

Using Looker Analytics, I developed comprehensive dashboards that measured product usage, feature utilization and time-to-task-completion. This helped identify what areas to solve in the user journey.



conversion rate from
free to paid subscription


monthly logins per user


customer service satisfaction rate

45 mins

support email
first response time


annualized churn rate


of customers utilized 3 core features within 7 days of sign up

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